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  1. Megan Sands-Somers
    December 6, 2016

    I found this movie, or shall I say… this movie found me. I was browsing through my new cable hook-up. I went to Netflix documentaries, and there it was. Although, I do believe I typed in “Cancer”, as a search word. I sit in my lazy boy / girl chair, after having played this movie last night– until my “new” Internet connection “went out”. After several failed attempts to get the SOB up and running again. I was able to accomplish that feat this morning. After which, I immediately re-watched the beginning , and made it, thankfully , to the end of this documentary. I suppose I should mention… I have breast cancer. This doc was just the medicine I needed. Yes, it’s scary. Yes, I cried, but I also laughed. I had deep revelations watching this. I say, I, I, I….what I should be saying is ,thank You, to Anna, Walter, and Zoe. For sharing your lives. This is a prophetic, insightful, touching, bold, generous, humorous , soul-bearing, sad, uplifting, unselfish, peek into the lives of a not-so- perfect, just like the rest of us, family. Loved Lilli, Jonathon,and Maeve, also. Your advisors, spiritualist, therapist, family, all brought there own special wisdom, and insight to this doc. It touched my soul. I will re-watch it, many times I’m sure. And may feel a whole new realm of emotions each time. It’s therapeutic. Life, as my mother says, is a series of positives, and negatives. That have a way of working themselves out . Some ups, some downs, but mostly ups. I definitely consider this work of art– a positive. Thank-you, for sharing your lives with us. Megan Sands -Somers


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