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  1. Norma Armiento
    December 12, 2013

    I enjoyed this film so much, especially Meryl Streep, Margo Martindale and Juliette Lewis – such powerful performance and funny at the same time. The men were equally great such as Sam Shepard, Chris Cooper and Ewan McGregor.


    • Joseph Belanger
      December 14, 2013

      This ensemble is certainly a marvel. And it is great to see lesser known actresses like Martindale and Julianne Nicholson hold their own opposite all these heavy hitters. Benedict Cumberbatch was adorable!


  2. Corrinne
    January 9, 2014

    Finally and Thank you!

    This is the first review I’ve read that mentions the lack of breathing room in the edit. I’d ask for a longer run time if it offered me the space to process the Weston’s family dynamics. The performances were incredible as well.

    And I loved Violet….


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