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  1. Lex
    July 26, 2015

    This film should be called ‘my insecurities’ as it has very very little to do with ‘being Canadian’.
    Rightfully so, it was made entirely from the perspective of Cohen who clearly suffers from an inferiority complex as a Cnd living in U.S. and spent most of movie reiterating stereotypes about Canada.
    As a naturalized Cnd (20yrs and counting) married to a Cnd born Canuck, this doc couldn’t be any more opposite of how we and OUR friends feel about Cnd.
    I like the U.S, but your couldn’t pay me to trade my Cnd passport for an American one.
    Western Cnd has some of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth and Toronto (admittedly the largest city in Cnd) was just named the city with the highest standard if living in the world by the economist!
    Sadly, sparsely any of this is portrayed in the doc as Cohen instead chose to travel cross county in a van showcasing a maple syrup factory and hat store with a backdrop of grim landscapes and barely there beaches.

    Also, ‘sorry’, but I know a lot of Cnds who are a-holes and far from the apologetic timid half wits Cnds are portrayed as in the film.

    My only conclusion is that living as a Cnd in the US has somehow made Cohen and he’s celebrity friends a shy version of themselves, to which I say quit whining for validation, spend more time in Cnd and reeducate yourselves through the eyes of Cnds living in Cnd.

    Besides a lot of American know nothing about the rest of the world as a whole: I certainly wouldn’t make that personal.


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