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  1. George Kozera
    October 23, 2014

    My initial trepidation in seeing BIRDMAN was not so much as who directed it but who was starring in it. Let’s face it, Michael Keaton was never an actor who could command a scene, which is one reason his gigs as Batman are more remembered for the brilliant, over-the-top performances from Nicholson or Danny DeVito than for Keaton. His “acting” attempts, post Bruce Wayne, were painfully inept. He was laughable in “Clean and Sober”, cliché-ridden in “The Paper”, entirely forgettable in “Jackie Brown” and even stunk up the small screen with his guest shot on “Frasier”. His performance here is astonishing, almost on par with the breath taking cinematography. BIRDMAN is a stunning, visual fait accompli. Kudos also to Edward Norton for his manic, comic intensity; Zach Galifianakis for his restraint and Lindsay Duncan who perfected her bitchy cinematic persona that she first showed in “Le Weekend”. BIRDMAN soars above the stratosphere but, for me, it’s still a bridesmaid where the bride is either “Boyhood” or “Foxcatcher”.


  2. Dogbey Awudi
    March 11, 2016

    Some subtext this movies has! I didn’t realise the film intertwines so intricately with Keaton’s own story. The shooting scene seems to me now more than ever a veritable icing on the beautifully bizzare cake that BIRDMAN is!


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