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  1. Candice Frederick
    November 7, 2010

    1) though this is Perry’s best film, i think if you like comedies at all, you might appreciate some of his previous work. For instance, “Why Did I Get Married?” was basically the same movie as “Couples Retreat,” which came after it
    2) For Colored Girls was fueled by amazing performances. Too bad, as you mentioned, it was not better adapted for film audiences. Perry left way too muh of the poetic jargon in the movie causes audiences–including me–to go a litle idle after listening to one long-winded monologue after another. but the perofmances were stellar, with Elise and Noni Rose leading with their heart-breaking performances.


  2. Black Sheep
    November 7, 2010

    1) I wouldn’t watch COUPLES RETREAT so I guess that eliminates WHY DID I GET MARRIED? Hehe.

    2) Absolutely agree. The cast was really strong and Elise and Noni Rose were certainly right up front. I found Janet Jackson to be a little drab (and that down low bit was sorta thrown in there at the end) and I can’t imagine Mariah Carey pulling off the role that Thandie Newton played.

    I cried a reasonable amount.


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