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FOURTH MAN OUT (#insideout25 review)



Written by Aaron Dancik / Directed by Andrew Nackman / Starring Evan Todd, Parker Young and Chord Overstreet

Adam: It’s 4 A.M. Only bad things can happen.

Allow me to add one thing to the above mentioned quote. Only bad things happen when watching FOURTH MAN OUT and movies just like it. I am sick to death of movies made to target a specific audience that go out of their way to insult the intelligence and the integrity of that audience. Gay themed indie comedies continue to be the worst culprit followed by anything written and directed by Tyler Perry.

This cinematic travesty opens with your typical frat boy hijinks and when Adam (Evan Todd) comes out as gay to his group of friends who have been together forever, they react as if they were forced to donate their testicles to Lance Armstrong and cover their crotches because, you know, no straight guy is immune to the unwanted sexual advances from all gay guys. Oh no! Their best friend now only wants to bleep their bleep despite Adam’s best friend Chris’s (Parker Young) assurances that nothing has changed between them. Ironically, this is followed by a scene where these three neanderthals are pretty knowledgeable about power bottoming and Grindr apps.


It gets worst. Adam’s first date via an Internet site is with an offensive aging predatory screaming Nellie queen that is so demeaning, I wanted to gouge my eyes out with a melon baller, then shove chopsticks through my ears in hopes of erasing this from my brain. In fact, other than Adam, every gay character in FOURTH MAN OUT is a walking, talking, breathing cliché straight from the Michele Bachmann handbook.

I am not an activist nor a prude. I love outrageously out-there gay characters when done in context. FOURTH MAN OUT marketing itself as a feel-good comedy is a blatant misrepresentation hoping to cash in on gay dollars.

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FOURTH MAN OUT is the Centrepiece Film at the 25th edition of Inside Out, Toronto’s LGBT Film Festival. It will have its World Premiere on Tuesday, May 26, at 9:30 PM, at TIFF Bell Lightbox. For more information and for tickets, please visit

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  1. As a heterosexual trying to understand this whole “coming out” thing, I was willing to check this film out at SIFF, in Seattle. However, thanks to this review, I won’t. Surely, we are past infantile, dick jokes to “explain” being gay. If the filmmaker’s approach had been a bit more sensitive and intelligent, I would have seen this film.

  2. I saw Fourth Man Out at SIFF and loved it! Didn’t see it as trying to cash in on gay dollars at all, more a movie that audiences of all types could enjoy.

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