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  1. Brenda Behayne
    September 11, 2012

    I’m afraid the shallowness of this judgement is betrayed by the laughable lack of professionalism, typical of internet (sh)amateurs. This is not Laurent Cantet’s first feature in English, as you have written, but his second.

    p.s.The actors in fact are superbly directed. They simply don’t correspond to American notions of television reality shows.


  2. Black Sheep
    September 11, 2012

    Thanks for pointing out my error. Everybody makes them so I’m not sure you need to be so harsh on people when it happens. By the way, this (sh)amateur has been published in print across North America and actualy interviewed Mr. Cantet in person yesterday.

    PS. I still don’t think they were superbly directed. That’s called opinion and I’m entitled to mine as much as you are yours. I’m glad you enjoyed the film.


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