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  1. Brittani
    October 16, 2014

    Great review! I’m going to check this out next week, I’m glad it’s still pretty enjoyable, even if it’s not great.


    • Matthew Hoffman
      October 16, 2014

      Thanks for the feedback Brittani. Hope you enjoy the film!


  2. Ray
    October 19, 2014

    #1, I do not think Collier cooked the eggs. He did give the older German woman the eggs, but I do not think he cooked them. He was sitting at the table when the woman brought the eggs over after they were done. Plus I do not know what made it heart warming when they sit down to eat and the other tank crew members come in and act rather brash, rude, contemptible, and nasty. Why did they have the crew act like that? This scene only made Americans look like rather nasty people. Not to mention to be too long a scene and I cannot understand why they did not have Collier do something about it way sooner. One part of it, one of the crew members took the egg out of the plate of the younger German girl and licked it with his tongue. What the heck was that all about? #2 was the scene in the tank when he was telling the Mexican crew member to speak English. He said, “We are American and we speak English.” Was that a dig against people who are anti illegal? A political moment? Other than that, the movie was great.


  3. Jay
    January 27, 2015

    Oh I just watched this one too! I really liked the kid, Logan Lerman.


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