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  1. CMrok93
    October 5, 2013


    Good review Nick. This movie was awful and I felt bad for everybody involved. Not Darren Criss, though. That guy annoyed the hell out of me here and the fact that he gets to bang Wiig’s character at the end just had me fuming.


  2. PussyDestroyer69(#lolumadbro?)
    January 10, 2014

    I actually liked this movie, not only for the “celebrity” cast (of whom I knew nothing of), but for the actual PLOT. I do respect your review and opinion of the movie, however, I feel that this is slightly biased due to the cast. If this cast were replaced by no name actors with the same amount of talent, would that change your opinion of the movie overall? Besides the comedy (which I found terrible, and that is coming from this username) aspect, did you even empathize with the character? I feel that you are reviewing the cast, not the movie.


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