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tumblr_nkxa1efpqj1qael4so1_500HOT SUGAR’S COLD WORLD

Directed by Adam Lough

Adam Lough’s film, HOT SUGAR’S COLD WORLD, provides a glimpse into the life of musician Nick Koenig, AKA Hot Sugar. Koenig carries around a Zoom recorder everywhere he goes, recording sounds from his surroundings to use in his music. Koenig will record anything from footsteps, to the sounds of bones smashing together, to silence. Lough’s film helps us get closer to understanding Koenig’s fascination with making sound into music.

Interestingly, the film is produced by Danny Mcbride, Jody Hill, and David Gordon Green, the team behind HBO’s comedy Eastbound and Down. The character study does feature qualities of some of Green’s independent films, but the broad comedy of Eastbound and Down is nowhere to be found. Instead, the film shows Koenig interacting with his celebrity friends, including director Jim Jarmusch and actor Martin Starr. In fact, one of the film’s most humorous scenes comes when Koenig and Starr attempt to buy illegal fireworks from the back of a mysterious man’s car. The film also provides a very interesting look into Koenig’s relationship with his girlfriend, the rapper Kitty. When the two break up, Koenig journeys to Paris where he falls into a crisis of sorts.


The cinema vérité style of HOT SUGAR’S COLD WORLD allows the viewer to look in on the life of a fascinating character and extremely talented musician.The film will fascinate viewers, regardless of their familiarity with its subject. At just under ninety minutes, it is an entertaining look into the life of a musical genius.

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