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  1. Joseph Belanger
    September 18, 2015

    I thoroughly enjoyed Love. It is a beautiful and engaging look at the thin line between sex and love … how we use sex to express love and how electric that can be … how we confuse sex for love … and how we can take sex too far and ruin love altogether. I found it a tad self indulgent … using his own name in the film several times gets a few laughs but it ultimately takes you out of the narrative and comes off as amateurish. And I’m not sure I would have written the main character as a filmmaker because he often comes off as a mouthpiece for the director, which I found too plain at times. Ultimately, I felt Noe captured a great tenderness that is often elusive on film. To call the film Love might be over reaching a bit given that this story is very specific and not as universal as the title suggests. I didn’t find it heartbreaking because none of the characters elicit any sympathy but I was transfixed and enamoured throughout. Regardless, I still have plenty of love for Love.


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