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  1. Candice Frederick
    December 30, 2011

    sooo exhilarating! and, yes this role was made for tom cruise (although i’ve always been a fan of his). the entire cast was good!


  2. Rahul
    January 2, 2012

    MI 4: Ghost Protocol gifts you a munificent entertainment by lurking your senses in for a sophisticated gizmo treat, peppered with flamboyant action brimming over Soviet-US suspicion of nuclear threat!!! Not raking in the moolah any smug stuff, MI 4 piques applause but more when Tom Cruise plays over ”Burj Khalifa”. Certainly with no plan, no backup Tom cruise and team eke out accomplishment alluringly !!!! Kudos ,thumbs up, Encore !!!!


  3. Black Sheep
    January 14, 2012

    I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Some of the characters were a little hollow but I think Brad Bird deserves a big round of applause for this incredible transition to live action!


  4. Otto
    September 19, 2012

    I couldn’t help but focus on Simon Pegg. Nothing like fidgety technology and situational zingers to make you laugh when you least expect it, eh? Nearly missed all the action because of him.


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