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MOEBIUS (review)

Written and Directed by Ki-Duk Kim

Starring Jae-hyeon Ho, Eun-woo Lee and Young Ju Seo

Expectations were high for Korean auteur Kim Ki-Duk’s latest film MOEBIUS, after his last film, PIETA, won the Golden Lion at the 2012 Venice Film Festival. I’m pleased to say, those expectations have been thoroughly satisfied. MOEBIUS is about three characters, a mother (Eun-woo Lee), father (Jae-hyeon Jo), and their son (Young Ju Seo); all of whom are unnamed, as the film has absolutely no dialogue. After the mother catches her son fantasizing about his father’s mistress, she decides to castrate him. After witnessing his son’s castration, the father kicks his wife out of the house. Taking pity on his son, the father tries to find ways to help his penis-less son reach orgasm, but after only figuring one way, which would cause his son to inflict much pain on himself, the father decides to have his penis removed and transplanted to his son.


Now I’m sure that after reading the film’s description, you may be turned off from seeing it. Please, stop thinking that right now. MOEBIUS is actually a great film and should not be missed. Not only is it great, it’s also extremely funny. Yes, you read that correctly; a movie about castration can be funny. The director acknowledges the fact that his story is completely absurd, and embraces that by taking comedic timing into consideration while setting up each scene. When MOEBIUS premiered at the Venice Film Festival, many filmgoers walked out. One particular filmgoer actually vomited on his way up the aisle. MOEBIUS is for the strong stomached and those who can really appreciate the darkest of comedies. If you can handle watching a mother cut off her son’s penis, and a boy reaching orgasm by scrapping a rock against his foot, then seeing MOEBIUS may be your best decision all year.



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