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ODD THOMAS (review)

Odd-Thomas-UK-film-posterODD THOMAS
Written and Directed by Stephen Sommers

Starring Anton Yelchin, Addison Timlin and Willem Dafoe

It is a rare thing when a Dean Koontz novel is adapted for the screen and even more rare when that the adaptation is actually good. Luckily, ODD THOMAS breaks the apparent curse on poorly executed Koontz-based films and manages to be a thoroughly entertaining horror-comedy.

The film stars Anton Yelchin as Odd Thomas – yes, that is actually his name – a short-order cook, who can communicate with the recently deceased. Acting as an informant for the local police, Odd follows the ghosts of recently murdered citizens who, without words, explain to him how, and by whom, they were killed. The only person who knows of Odd’s gift is his quirky lifelong girlfriend, Stormy (Addison Timlin). The downside to Odd’s ability is that he is haunted by visions of “Bodachs”, shadow like creatures that feed on evil. Though Odd rarely encounters these creatures, he knows that something terrible is going to happen when he sees hundreds of them appearing around his town.

Stephen Sommers’ film is very fun and quirky. Yelchin and Timlin are great together and their characters are extremely likeable.  It is quite easy to root for Odd and Stormy and audiences will truly hope that they are able to survive the ensuing chaos together. Other well-known actors who round out the cast include Willem Dafoe as the chief of police, and Patton Oswalt as Ozzie Boone, a frequent eater at the greasy spoon where Odd works. As expected, Dafoe is great in the role. The way he can play such a decent and honest character with his haunting voice is astounding. He is truly one of the greatest actors working today, and was a great get for Sommers, who is most famous for THE MUMMY. Oswalt is funny in his short time on screen, but he really feels underused and serves no purpose in a film that already has enough laughs to begin with.


While keeping its light tone, the film still manages to be frightening. Though the Bodachs are not that scary in appearance, they can still be quite menacing, and Sommers’ uses them often for jump scares. Though some of these tactics work, many others are often expected, which takes away from the film. The film is also slightly lessened by some weak green screen work.

I was pleasantly surprised by ODD THOMAS and hope it finds the audience it deserves too. Comedy and horror enthusiasts alike will find what to enjoy about it and if not, well at least it is another chance to see Dafoe on screen again.



  1. Im a fan of Odd Thomas books, so I was rather worried about this movie, but, as you said, it came out pretty good, so Im happy with the results.

  2. A good and concise review highlighting the film’s often missed positive points. I feel it would have done better were it not locked in production hell, but with that shame aside it remains a decent film.

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