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  1. FFF
    June 18, 2007

    First off, thanks for your indepth and informattive reviews. I started checking out your blog recently and I think you’re doing a good service for us cinephiles. However, I doubt I’ll be checking out this film and passing on a lot of the others on your site. I’m just really sick of the Hollywood brainwash, the endless sequels and the tired clichés. The amount of money thrown into these blockbusters just turns my stomach.

    I appreciate your critical eye, but I’d love to see it turned towards the films that are so often overlooked. Where are your reviews of films like Johnnie To’s Triad Election (1 and 2)? These films need our support and as a montrealer, I’d love to see more coverage of the films playing in this city’s rep theatre(s) rather than in the superplexes.

    Anyways, I just wanted to drop a line. I do appreciate the criticism you provide, but I’d just love people to stop wasting ink on films we know are going to suck anyways and start showing us things that actually have some soul AND style.



  2. Anonymous
    July 31, 2007

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