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supermensch_the_legend_of_shep_gordonSUPERMENSCH: THE LEGEND OF SHEP GORDON
Directed by: Mike Myers 

Starring Shep Gordon, Alice Cooper, Tom Arnold, Mike Myers

Proud Canadian native, Mike Myers, has directed his first feature film, entitled SUPERMENSCH: THE LEGEND OF SHEP GORDON, which shines a light on the quite unbelievable life of music manager, Shep Gordon. Most people know Myers from his film franchises, like AUSTIN POWERS and SHREK, and of course, his long time run on “Saturday Night Live”. Something made him want to get away from acting and pursue directing though. Thankfully, his direction is as inspired as his comedy.

The film is a documentary on Gordon’s life, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have plenty of moments that will have audiences cracking up. Gordon is an outrageous individual with an equally outrageous career and there is no denying that his life warranted the film treatment. Myers’ familiar brand of comedy comes through often but a lot of the film’s humour and heart comes from the truly outstanding qualities that Shep himself possesses. Myers keeps it honest and true and keeps the focus on Gordon, which makes the humour feel more natural and far less forced than some of his previous comedy outings (like, say the second and third AUSTIN POWERS instalments).

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Gordon’s story is truly remarkable and needs to be seen to be fully believed. Anyone who has an appreciation for the business that is Hollywood, whether it be music or film, will find plenty fascinating about Gordon’s experience. Knowing the Hollywood elite can take its toll though and Shep is no exception to this. When the subject matter gets a little too heavy handed, Myers steps in with testimonials that bring out a sense of laughter and light heartedness. SUPERMENSCH: THE LEGEND OF SHEP GORDON is a fascinating documentary that, if allowed, could truly speak to a large audience. If Myers continues his role as a director, he may one day secure an Oscar for himself in a role no one would have ever expected.


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