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An interview with THE OVERNIGHT star, Adam Scott.

“What about the penises? Is that on the table?” I ask actor / producer, Adam Scott, after he clarifies that he wants to refrain from discussing the finale of his latest film, THE OVERNIGHT, the latest production from Mark and Jay duplass, in which a playdate goes in an unexpected direction after the kids go to sleep. Laughing, Scott replies, “That is quite literally on the table. I had no idea I would be talking so much about my penis.” In the film, Scott and costar Jason Schwartzman get to have some fun with their prosthetic penises after dinner is done. “I mean, starting in January, through this moment, I have talked about my pretend penis more than I’ve talked about my children,” Scott jokes.

The actor had worked with prosthetics before in the underrated HBO series, Tell Me You Love Me, but this is the first time that the actor really got to have fun with them. “Jason and I were very nervous about that scene; every movie has that scene that you’re freaked out about the whole shoot. You’re like ‘god damn it, this fucking scene’s coming up’ and everyone’s nervous. Then the day came and we put the things on and did it and were so surprised by how comfortable we actually ended up being because it’s not actually you. It looks like a real thing because it looks like a penis, but it’s not yours, so everyone’s seeing approximately what you look like naked, but you’re not naked. It just felt like I had a really interesting pair of shorts on.” The scene in question finds Scott and Schwartzman dancing naked next to a pool. With plenty to say on the subject, Scott continues, “We actually had a pleasant night playing in the pool with our fake dicks.”


While it may have been fun and games for the most part, Scott seemed happy to report that the prosthetics did cause one problem. “Jason’s became engorged with water; we had to squeeze it out between takes. It was like this uh … What’s that memory foam bed called?” I was quick to reply with “Tempurpedic”, being a fan of the brand myself. “Exactly,” Scott says, “It’s like a Tempurpedic dick. This really comforting material they used. It was the Valyrian Steel of memory foam. If Jon Snow only had a prosthetic penis …” Though busy with multiple projects, the actor is clearly up to date on his Game of Thrones.

Just how did Scott, who is perhaps most famous for his role on Parks and Recreation, get himself involved in this off-the-wall sex comedy you may ask. “Mark Duplass sent my wife, Naomi, and I the script a couple of years ago. We’d been looking for a movie to do; we’d just formed a company and we’d only done TV stuff so far. It kind of fit all the criteria. It was really small, but more importantly it was really good.” Scott explains. “It was really funny, we related to a lot of the stuff in the script. It seemed like it could be doable. It was essentially one location and we could do it quickly. I was a little freaked out by the script, the sexual stuff, but also the character of Kurt kind of freaked me out. It was a kind of guy that in life kind of creeps me out a bit. Overly friendly, a lot of compliments, lots of touching when he talks. Getting Jason Schwartzman to play him, he ends up being an incredibly charming seductive guy. That’s why we wanted to do it.” The film also stars Orange Is the New Black star, Taylor Schilling, as Scott’s wife.


And while we may have spent most of our time discussing fake penises, it still certainly made for an entertaining interview. With a great sense of humour, Scott was open to discussing all things sex when it came to THE OVERNIGHT, a fun, witty, and truly unforgettable film.

THE OVERNIGHT is in select theatres now.

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