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  1. Anonymous
    November 17, 2008

    Just seen the film and no experience through film has given me such pride – as an Albertan, and as a Canadian. Having had two family members as part of the production crew also threw a throat tightening twist to it all. Performed just West of Calgary, the scenery defies description.


  2. Anonymous
    November 27, 2008

    Just an utterly fantastic Canadian production. Story, acting, visuals, delivery, everything. Paul Gross deserves top Canadian awards and, most certainly, the award for best international film at the Oscars.


  3. Black Sheep
    November 30, 2008

    Yes, definitely a unique Canadian film experience. It is not however eligible for the foreign language Oscar. Primarily I guess because it is in English. Canada’s official submission is “Ce qu’il faut pour vivre” by Benoit Pilon.


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