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10 YEAR PLAN (@InsideOutTO Review)

The10YearPlanPoster-228px10 YEAR PLAN
Written and Directed by CJ Calciano
Starring Michael Adam Hamilton and Jack Turner

Brody: I don’t need anyone. Myles is a hopeless romantic and all he needs is someone to love him

Brody and Myles (Michael Adam Hamilton and Jack Turner) are best friends who are complete opposites in the relationship department. Myles is the romantic love-sick type who goes above and beyond to please his boyfriends, often overstepping boundaries (such as calling one’s mother to get their favourite recipe) in the “still getting to know you” phase. Brody on the other hand is the hook-up type, always a new conquest, checking out Grindr whenever he has a moment, happy with the instant gratification of the short-lived relationship. And when Myles’ date walks out on him at a restaurant, he immediately calls up Brody for some death by chocolate therapy. But when one of them proposes that in 10 years, if both of them are still single they will change their friendship status to something more serious, neither of them really think that would ever happen. Fast forward to 2 months and 28 days before that 10 year plan will finally come into play, both begin their own task to stop that relationship from ever forming.


Directed by CJ Calciano (ECUPID, STEAM ROOM STORIES), 10 YEAR PLAN seems to be all too familiar in the queer movie lexicon; low-budget, sub-par acting, an uninventive storyline that seems to pull out all the typical gay cliches. And for the most part, it is all of these things. The acting by both Hamilton and Turner is surprisingly good, and almost believable if their performances weren’t brought down by the inane dialogue that tries (very sadly) to explore certain experiences in gay life. Cute in theory, not as interesting in execution, 10 YEAR PLAN left me wishing there was no plan at all to begin with.

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  1. I laughed, I cried; it is a great film for the LGBTI community, as well as the greater audience. 4/5

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