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crystal_fairy_ver2CRYSTAL FAIRY
Written and Directed by Sebastian Silva

Starring Michael Cera and Gaby Hoffman

While I am certainly thankful that new technology has allowed for more voices to make themselves known in the film community, the films themselves can sometimes be a bit slight. CRYSTAL FAIRY, the second film to be released this year by writer/director, Sebastian Silva, after MAGIC MAGIC, is such a small movie that I’m not sure it needed to be a movie to begin with. Michael Cera stars as Jamie, a selfish American drifter on a mission in Chile to find a San Pedro cactus, which is reputed to have intoxicating powers, so that he and his best friend, Champa (Juan Andres Silva), can enjoy it together on a beach and have a life altering experience. The magic of this moment is messed with when Jamie invites a girl he meets at a party, named Crystal Fairy (Gaby Hoffman), to join them, never expecting that she will actually take him seriously.

Jamie, who is oblivious to the fact that his incessant flirting with Crystal at the party is the reason she is now along for the ride, is not happy with this development. We spend the rest of the film following this mismatched group of drug seekers, which also includes Champa’s two brothers, as they make their way to their destination. Jamie spends the entire trip grumbling about Crystal Fairy’s mere presence. He has a particular image in his mind as to how this was all going to come together, which exemplifies his dependency issues as well as some mild obsessive compulsive behaviour, and this image did not include a free spirited flake of a girl. It also shows us a nasty side of this character, who clearly doesn’t see Crystal Fairy as an actual human being, but rather an annoying factor in the story of his own life.


Naturally, the drugs set his mind free once they finally ingest them and he sees his actions for what they really are. Realizing that you are no more or less important than anyone else around you is an important lesson to learn but I can’t say I enjoyed watching Jamie come to this conclusion. CRYSTAL FAIRY amounts to not much more than an uncomfortable road trip which culminates with everyone getting nice and high, while you sit there sober, wondering why you agreed to go along in the first place.


Your turn!

How many sheep would you give Crystal Fairy?


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