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HELLIONS (review)


Directed by Bruce McDonald / Written by Pascal Trottier / Starring Chloe Rose, Robert Patrick & Rossif Sutherland

Trick-or-Treaters: Give us what we came for.

From Bruce McDonald, the director who brought us PONTYPOOL, and writer Pascal Trottier (THE COLONY) comes the supernatural horror HELLIONS, starring Chloe Rose (Degrassi: The Next Generation), Rossif Sutherland (POOR BOY’S GAME) and Robert Patrick (GANGSTER SQUAD).

Rose plays Dora Vogel, a 17-year old girl looking forward to spending Halloween with her boyfriend, Jace (Luke Bilyk, also from Degrassi: The Next Generation). But a visit to the doctor sees Dora’s evening plans ruined as she is given some life-altering news. Sitting at home alone waiting for him to pick her up, she rehearses how she will share this newfound information with him. The minutes tick by and Jace doesn’t show up.

Meanwhile, Dora’s doorbell rings and she opens the door to an odd and somewhat disturbing trick-or-treater – a lone child with his head covered, who refuses to speak. Somewhat unsettled, she puts the experience out of her mind, but as the evening goes on, the little visitors grow in number and Dora’s Halloween eventually turns into a hellish exercise in self-preservation.


About 80% of HELLIONS was shot on digital infrared which definitely gives the film a unique look. It has a few moments of genuine creepiness and Rose holds her own extremely well considering she is in virtually every scene.

But at the end of the day, it’s just not an enticing horror film. There’s pretty much no plot and the film seems to rely almost entirely on the “creepy kid” cliché to give its audience the required number of chills. Eventually, boredom takes over, and our night becomes just as never-ending as hers.

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