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miss_you_alreadyMISS YOU ALREADY
Written by Morwenna Banks / Directed by Catherine Hardwicke / Starring Toni Collette, Drew Barrymore and Dominic Cooper

Ace: You and your scars are beautiful.

Milly (Toni Collette) and Jess (Drew Barrymore) have been the best of friends since grade school. Now they’re all grown up and Milly has a family while Jess is trying desperately to start one. Milly lives a wealthy, glamorous life complete with fancy career, gorgeous loft and sexy wardrobe, and Jess lives on a houseboat, going to work each day and obsessively monitoring her fertility calendar. Through all the years and all the “firsts”, they’ve remained closer than sisters.

But that all changes when a visit to the doctor results in Milly receiving some devastating news. Every relationship in her life will be tested as she struggles to come to terms with her uncertain future, even as her BFF is laying the groundwork for her own.


Directed by Catherine Hardwicke (TWILIGHT), MISS YOU ALREADY is a beautiful, hilarious and heart wrenching story of friendship, love and loss. Even as clichéd as both that description and the film itself may sound, it truly is a jewel in the “chick flick” genre. Not a particular fan of that genre myself, I genuinely loved this movie. Collette is magnificent as always, this time as the hard partying woman who’s both infuriatingly difficult and undeniably irresistible. Barrymore is her perfect counterpart as the voice of reason and sacrifice, the dedicated bestie who consistently puts her friend’s needs above her own. Also starring Dominic Cooper (DRACULA UNTOLD) as Milly’s husband Kit and Paddy Considine (THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM) as Jess’ partner Jago, the entire cast brings much to this touching tale from British writer Morwenna Banks (who is actually known for her role as the voice of Mummy Pig in the children’s animated series Peppa Pig).

It’s not easy to pull off a story of friendship that doesn’t feel unoriginal and dull. And to be honest, the first few minutes of MISS YOU ALREADY might leave you wondering if it will inevitably fall into the same old trap. But stick with it – it’s worth it and you’ll miss it when its gone.
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