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My Favourite Pixar Movie


My favourite Pixar movie is WALL-E. Or maybe it’s RATATOUILLE. Y’know what? It’s probably TOY STORY 3. Oh wait, what about THE INCREDIBLES? I don’t know; I can’t decide. I’m a 36-year-old man and I have a hard time choosing my favourite of Pixar’s now 14 films, their latest being MONSTERS UNIVERSITY, a prequel, a Pixar first, to MONSTERS INC. And so earlier this month, I decided I didn’t have to choose. I would just get a group of Pixar’s actual intended audience to do it for me.

The following reviews were graciously provided by a handful of young people across the country. They were asked to pick their favourite Pixar movie and write whatever they wanted about it. I thank them for their time and contribution and, having shown such talent and promise, I would encourage them all to pursue careers in journalism and writing. I won’t though as I don’t want to anger their parents by pushing their children into a dying profession. They should try to work for Pixar instead. Those guys aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

disneypixarcarstil-1CARS by Kayden (age 4)

The movie, CARS, is my favorite movie.  My favorite character is McQueen. And I also like Mater and Mac. And Radiator Springs is a cool town.  I’m a boy who likes cars so I like that movie because it has cars in it.  It’s a really cool movie.  I just like it, I like everything about it! My favorite scene is the tractor tipping scene…it’s cool.  It’s fun!  Mator wanted to show McQueen how to do the tractor tipping and Mator was like, “tractor tipping is fun,” and McQueen was like, “this is ridiculous,” and Mator was like, “this is how you do it, you just sneak in front of them and honk,” and McQueen was like, “I don’t even have a horn.”  So he revs his engine and all the tractors tip over.

I think it’s cool when he’s on the road and McQueen’s trying to find Mac. He gets lost in the town, Radiator Springs, and Sheriff is chasing him.  McQueen didn’t see him because he was hiding behind the sign. And I like CARS better than CARS 2 because CARS 2 is garbage!


Finding-Nemo-Poster-disney-18638244-1129-1691FINDING NEMO by Molly (age 2)

FINDING NEMO got trapped by a fisherman and so Dory came and helped Nemo’s dad.  So they rescued Nemo, and they came up with an idea.  They rescued Nemo but they got trapped in a net. Then they got out of the net. Dory is my favourite fish; she is happy and she says ‘Just keep swimming swimming swimming, ha ha ha ha’.  My favourite part is when Marlin goes in the bird’s mouth. The scariest part is when the shark ate those guys, and which one has the little light up? Then Dory, she says ‘No eating here tonight, no no eating here tonight, you’re going to diet’.  The happiest part is when Nemo found his dad.

WALL-E by Rylie (age 9)

WALL-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter – Earth class) is about a trash compactor robot that has a job that involves making towers out of trash cubes.  He makes the cubes by scooping trash into his cube like body and squeezes himself to make it cubed shaped.  Wall-E is a very happy robot except for one thing; he has no one to share the world with while the entire population is in space, until Eve (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator) arrives in a rocket from the humans to see if there is any sign of life on Earth.   (This is in the year 2810, the CO2 emissions have risen since 2013.)

wall_eWall-E falls in love with Eve and follows her wherever she goes until Eve finally notices him and gets involved in the story.  Right before Eve arrives, Wall-E finds the last plant on earth (which is what Eve is looking for) and shows it to Eve.  Eve then takes the plant and shuts down.  Not long after, the rocket comes back and takes Eve (and Wall-E, unexpectedly) to the place in space where the humans are staying.  He then discovers a whole new world of robots and people.  After he gets into the space cruiser (Axiom) he follows Eve to the captain’s room.   Here they find out another robot took the plant but Eve thinks Wall-E took it so she tries to send him to Earth in an escape pod but finds out that the other robot (Gopher) had put the plant into the escape pod.   Wall-E discovers the plant in the escape pod just before Gopher closes the doors and launches it into space.   Then Eve launches herself into space to rescue Wall-E from the escape pod which is about to self-destruct.   The escape pod explodes and Eve thinks it’s too late when Wall-E comes flying past her using a fire extinguisher as a jet pack.

I liked this scene because Wall-E finds another way to use things (the fire extinguisher) and I thought it was really cool seeing two robots dancing in space.  WALL-E is a good movie because it has some very funny scenes, like the one just described, and Wall-E is a robot with a mind of his own.  He takes his mind off of his own job for other things, unlike the other robots on the Axiom.   I liked this movie because Wall-E finds a friend to share the world with.

incrediblesTHE INCREDIBLES by Hannah (age 12)

THE INCREDIBLES is the story of retired super heroes who come out of retirement to save the world from a new villain named Syndrome. During the movie The Incredibles figure out that they will need to stick together if they are going to defeat Syndrome.

The Incredibles is one of my favourite movies of all time. Some people say that animated movies are too “babyish” but as one of the characters in the movie says “THAT WAS TOTALLY WICKED!” and I agree. I think it is a great movie for all ages because it is hilarious, exciting and thrilling. My dad and I love to watch THE INCREDIBLES together and he likes it as much as I do.

So, if you have not already seen it, I suggest that you go out and buy this movie because it is one of those movies that you will want to watch over and over again.


toy_story_2_1999_3TOY STORY 2 by Cole (age 4)

First, Rex is playing a video game. Then he doesn’t win, then Woody goes up on the shelf. Squeaky’s a penguin and he gets taken into this garage sale, and Woody comes to rescue him, and someone steals Woody.  And then he takes him to this big place, then another man comes to fix Woody, and something really funny happens!  And the same man that took him, took the other man out of the way to look at Woody.  Then Buzz Lightyear comes to rescue Woody, so then they get taken into the airplane.  Then they meet Stinky Pete and Jessie, and they rescue Jessie.  And then they live happily ever after.  The End

My first favourite part was where Buzz Lightyear was doing something.  The second one was Rex playing the video game. It’s a great movie because I like it.  It’s awesome.

That’s it folks. A big thanks to the parents who helped transcribe the musings of the younger contributors. For a list of my actual Top 5 Pixar films, click here.


  1. Aww, this was a sweet post. My favorite is still A Bug’s Life. I have a lot of fond memories of seeing that movie for the first time. WALL-E is fantastic too. I think I liked that one more than my niece did when I took her to see it.

    • I too am partial to A Bug’s Life. It doesn’t get the credit it deserves. And Wall-E is too quiet for kids, I think. It warms my heart though.

  2. Does it matter I’m a thirty year old if I feel like a kid? 🙂 I can’t decide between Toy Story 3 and Finding Nemo as my all time favourite Pixar flict!

    • I think my choice would be Toy Story 3 between that and Finding Nemo. Nemo is brilliant but TS3 makes me weep.

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