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  1. Patrick
    January 13, 2008

    Excellent review. Very well-written and in a clean style which I admire.

    I had the pleasure of seeing No Country two times so far and I was quite impressed. Most notably, the performance of Bardem as the psychotic and indestructible serial killer. He will definitely receive an Oscar nomination. The rest of the cast may not be at Oscar level but they are very good.

    It’s just refreshing that we still have filmmakers in America who are willing to produce films that don’t cater to mainstream, commercial America.


  2. Anonymous
    April 14, 2008

    This movie is good but could have been great. The ending was alittle shady and i wish they did something more. As for lachlan saying “America has fallen deeply in to what is now a very spoiled country. We can never look at a film for it’s artistic and cinematic value, but we wait to be entertained.” I think some people don’t see the artistc and cinematic value but all in all, it is a movie and i should feel entertained. Otherwise I would be doing something else to blow my time. I do like the Javier Bardem as the hit man. Both the gun and that stun bolt gun were some great weapons that he used. The movie for me was great until the shocking ending of no ending. But still allowing me to use my creative mind……..i guess……..


  3. Anonymous
    June 22, 2008

    Review off the mark…
    Lets start with a couple of mistakes in the review first.
    Sheriff Ed Tom Bell made the comment, “Can’t help but compare yourself to the ol’ timers. Can’t help but wonder how’d they do in these times”….not Lewellyn Moss.

    Second, Lewellyn Moss did not fire and miss. He hit his target, the game simply ran off and he began to track it, a common occurence during hunting. However in this occurrence he was side tracked by the wounded dog when he got to the game tracks.

    Now for the analogies…
    I would not describe Anton Chigurh as a man who enoys torturing his victims. He simply sees it as a neccessary part of his job as a result of chance or neccesity as he goes through life. If he enjoyed torturing them he most likely would have taken more of the opportunies presented.

    As far as Jones portraying a police officer folloing the action resigned to the fact of not being able to curb the outcome is premature. It is through the length of the story oes Jones finally realize this and not from the very outset. It is one of the primary reasons the country has become no place for old men and he moves on to the pasture in the end without any real conclusion.


  4. Teena in Toronto
    September 6, 2008

    We watched it on TMN last weekend.


    I guess we were expecting more.


  5. Chris
    October 29, 2011

    Interesting you don’t see this film as a character study. To me it is their most comprehensive and formal one. The fate of the money seems entirely secondary to how the characters react to each other. If they had wrapped up the story at the end the whole thing would have felt contrived to me.
    I also agree with Anonymous when she/he says they feel that Chigurh doesn’t get off on torturing people. I think he sizes people up immediately and decided right then and there is they need to die. If he’s not sure he’ll do the coin toss.


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