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Olympus is Down, White House has Fallen. Wait, something does not sound right there. 2013 became the year of hostile presidential takeovers, as two movies involving terrorist attacks on the White House came out within months of each other, both eerily similar in plot and both with huge names adding to their draw. The question still remains though; which movie will go down in the books as the better White House Fallen movie? Let’s break it down, shall we?


Gerard Butler is a well-known action star, who certainly has his fair share of fun in OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN. As he attempts to save the President’s son from terrorists, he has this very harsh tone to him. He takes the role a little too seriously and the character pails somewhat to Channing Tatum in WHITE HOUSE DOWN. Tatum actually looks like he’s having fun in his role as saviour. We see his character go to extremes where he intensely needs to save everyone as well as to more lighthearted moments, for instance when his President, Jamie Foxx, loses a bazooka. Tatum keeps it light and plays it with just the right amount of humour, which makes for a much more entertaining movie.

Winner: Channing Tatum



In OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN, director, Antoine Fuqua, gives us a group of terrorists who infiltrate the White House from the outside with armed garbage trucks, helicopters, bazookas and more. Somehow the writers rationalized that audiences would just forget that the air space around the White House is restricted; any perceived enemy would be shot down immediately. They are strict about that no-fly zone, y’know. However, in WHITE HOUSE DOWN, with the help of an inside man sneaking a bomb into the White House, the infiltration is slightly more covert. It is still absurd but at least it allows for some actual plausibility. The odds are slim but it could, maybe, happen, maybe, in a million years.



When it comes to some of the best one-liners in action movies, or in cinematic history for that matter, it is hard not to think of “Yippie-ki-yay, mother@#er” from DIE HARD, or “I’ll be back” from THE TERMINATOR. When looking at OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN we get a DIE HARD-esque quote, which is just brilliantly delivered by Butler. “Why don’t you and I play a game of F@#k off? You go first.” That was one of the best moments from OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN, period. However, WHITE HOUSE DOWN certainly has a great one too. This one was spoken by their president, Foxx. The man is fighting for his life and then gives us “Get. Your. Hands. Off. My. Jordans.” Sure, its funny, but nowhere near as hysterical nor ridiculous as the line from OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN. Regardless, neither is going down in history.




OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN has the phenomenal Morgan Freeman as their Speaker of the House. He has a relatively small part and when he is present he does not do much. (I’ve heard it said you can see him sleeping in one shot.) It is almost like he is just there to add his name to the movie for a draw; his minor character even makes the Blu-ray cover! In WHITE HOUSE DOWN, director, Roland Emmerich, was able to recruit James Woods. That man brings it every time. He is completely unhinged here and loving it. You can tell and he delivers a great performance as a result.

Winner: James Woods, WHITE HOUSE DOWN


Eckhart versus Foxx is a pretty tough call, even if neither one is really old enough to be POTUS in the first place. One of these scripts is better than the other though, which helps one man better rise to the occasion. The pen is mightier than the sword after all. In the end, by channeling his best Barack, and for actually saying “I choose the pen” at one point, Foxx proved to be the stronger presidential candidate, securing WHITE HOUSE DOWN the overall win! Not to take away from Foxx but his chemistry with Tatum was what really sealed this deal.


And with that, WHITE HOUSE DOWN will always be the ARMAGEDDON and OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN will go the way of DEEP IMPACT; WHITE HOUSE DOWN is the SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN, and OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN, the MIRROR MIRROR. Oh wait; those both sucked.


  1. I respectfully disagree. I found White House Down to be too corny (and mostly unfunny) plus it had some jarringly bad SFX for an Emmerich film. I love Tatum and Foxx together but that was about it.

    Olympus Has Fallen on the other hand gained a lot from its R-rating. The violence was brutal at times and Gerard Butler was a total BAMF. Plus the kid wasn’t nearly as annoying as the girl in White House Down.

    My vote goes to Olympus Has Fallen by a significant margin, but great article anyway! Fun read!

    Feel free to check out my reviews for both of them below!

    • Movies like White House Down and Olympus Has Fallen aren’t meant to be funny though, they’re created more for entertainment value. Die Hard for instance is extremely entertaining and very rarely funny. Both movies had some wretched SFX, OHF just bothered me more because it was more in your face. Tatum and Foxx were superb together,

      I personally think OHF could have used more from its R rating, it didn’t reach the extremes I had hoped it to with that stature. Butler was a BAMF but for a PG13 movie so was Tatum. The president’s son drove me insane in OHF that’s not to say the kid in WHD was wonderful, she was just less on my nerves.

      Thank you for the read!

      I will check out your reviews as well

  2. i completely disagreed with this article Olympus vs white house down.
    1. butler actually portrayed a more realistic character then Tatum.
    2. a no fly zone is not perfect and can be broken by flying under the radar making it only unrealistic that the plane made it as far as it did before getting taken down after it was found. that was a c-130 and is a very capable aircraft that has been the back bone of military transport the defense it has is great. only real problem with that part was the two air force jets would not have been along side one would have been behind ready to strike at a moments notice. the c-130 would not have had the chance to do as much damage. but getting there is not imposable. two its angel defense system is a one time use item. the rocket launcher on the white house roof was a four rocket system they would have launched two then the other two after the first two failed and taken the c-130 down. yes there are problems with this part of the movie.
    3. modified garbage trucks and ground troops are more believable then a senior agent being kept in the white house after his son was killed in an action that was botched. as soon as that happened he would have been removed and put under shrinks and probably would not have been allowed near the white house until years later when it was guaranteed he was not holding ill feelings. there very big on conflicts of interest.
    4. in what world would a chrome rpg be kept in a president limo. none let alone anything that could be considered an explosive of any kind.

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