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super-duper-alice-cooper-poster1SUPER DUPER ALICE COOPER
Directed By: Sam Dunn, Reginald Harkema, and Scot McFadyen

Alice Cooper: You can’t say Alice Cooper and the Rolling Stones in the same sentence, its sacrelig.

Documentaries about a rock legends are bound to present some information that diehard fans already know more casual fans may be unaware of. Unfortunately for SUPER DUPER ALICE COOPER, any Alice Cooper fan who has spent as little as 5 minutes researching him would already be privy to most of what the film focuses on. There are some new tidbits but not much and that isn’t the only problem with this film. Despite a short run time, the film still manages to drag and when your life is supposed to be as super duper as Alice Cooper’s, this should not happen.

SUPER DUPER ALICE COOPER starts off with Cooper’s life as a pastor’s child in Detroit and is then juxtaposed with how he originally decided he wanted to become a rock star, thanks to Beatlemania. It then continues down this Jekyll/Hyde route as we witness his rise to fame, his inevitable fall and back to his resurrection. It’s told in a very formulaic way that does not truly engage the viewer, leaving the audience with a variety of changing pictures, little new footage and so many voice-overs that one may occasionally lose track of who is actually speaking.



I am an Alice Cooper fan myself and I just found that this film failed to present Alice in the same light he presents himself on stage. There, he is an exuberant, bold, exciting character who brings life to an otherwise dead audience. There, he is super duper. Here, he is just not.

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