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I must have seen Disney’s THE LION KING a great number of times as a kid because when I finally sat down to watch the film again as an adult, I could practically recite it word for word as it played in front of me. The film’s recent theatrical rerelease success proves that THE LION KING is unquestionably one of the most well loved animated films of all time. And its debut appearance on Blu-Ray is a clear reminder why.

The 1994 Oscar winner is back and as majestic as it’s ever been. From the moment the procession of elephants, giraffes and zebras makes its way to Pride Rock for the unveiling of Simba, the newborn lion cub who will one day be king, THE LION KING roars loud enough to earn its moniker. The African savannah is breathtaking in its yellow and orange hues and the Elton John/Tim Rice song, “Circle of Life”, is a true triumph (one of many on the jubilant soundtrack). This ceremony is a celebration and the film itself is just as much of one. Its message of overcoming your fears and past to become the king you are inside, holds true to this day without falling prey to cliché.

The new Blu-Ray edition contains many of the same features that previous DVD editions did but it does also contain some never before seen deleted scenes, as well as a newly “discovered blooper reel featuring most of the original voice cast, from Matthew Broderick as the adult Simba to Jeremy Irons as the villainous Scar. Regardless of how many new features there are, the high definition transfer itself is well worth the upgrade. THE LION KING is simply a must-own for any family film collection.


  1. “The Lion King” a very sweet and simple movie. The best thing about his movie is that no matter your a adult or a child you will love the movie. Thanks for the review

  2. This is without doubt the best musical show ever…just like the movie is the best classic animation. It’s good the 3d did not take anything away from the movie. It only enhanced it. Well done disney!

  3. When watching the film back as an adult, i noticed many euphemisms that went unrecognized as a child. The Lion King is a fabulous film that is perfect for both adults and children alike, and in my view will go down as one of Disney’s all time classics. I am a proud owner of its relaunched diamond additions and will relive, that Utopian escapism that the film gave me as a child for the rest of my days.

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