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TRIPTYCH (review)

trypt posterTRIPTYCH
Written by Robert Lepage
Directed by Robert Lepage and Pedro Pires
Starring Hans Piesbergen, Lise Castonguay and Frederick Bedard

Celebrated Canadian playwright, Robert Lepage (with co-director Pedro Pires) returns to the silver screen with an adaptation of his own play “Lipsynch”, now entitled TRIPTYCH. The film focuses on three characters – Michelle, Thomas and Marie. Each character gets their own chapter, but each manages to find their way into the others’ lives, and they subsequently work their way into the audience’s thoughts.

The film opens with a prologue featuring Thomas (Hans Piesbergen) staring up at The Sistine Chapel, particularly focusing on The Creation of Adam. Michelle’s chapter then begins. This chapter follows Michelle (Lise Castonguay) as she struggles to readjust to life upon being released from a mental institution. Michelle resumes her job working in a bookstore, but is plagued by visions of a young girl. Meanwhile, Thomas, an alcoholic brain surgeon is fighting a tremor in his hand that threatens his entire livelihood. Finally, the third chapter, centers around one of Thomas’ patients, Marie (Frédérike Bédard), as she tries to regain the memory of her father’s voice, which she lost after Thomas successfully removed her brain tumor.


Lepage, who also wrote and produced TRIPTYCH, and Pires, who also edited and shot the film, craft an extremely tight and intriguing film that makes the most of its short 90 minute runtime. The screenplay features solid dialogue that is often very philosophical in nature and finds even more strength in its striking visuals, which are not only beautiful but also at times extremely daring (Marie’s surgery is shown in great, graphic detail). TRIPTYCH is a fine return for Lepage and will stay in your mind long after you watch it.


TRIPTYCH screens twice at TIFF as part of its Masters programme.

Friday, September 6, 9:00 PM – TIFF Bell Lightbox

Monday, September 9, 3:45 PM – Scotiabank

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  1. hope it’ll come to germany & not bur to festivals… ✿

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